Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys – How Can They Help You?

A Zantac Lawsuit is a legal suit for monetary compensation by certain plaintiffs who ingested the ibuprofen and were then diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Zantac (as well as the generic form ranitidine) was discovered to have the potential carcinogen barbiturates in it. These ingredients, when combined with a stomach ulcer can often lead to esophageal cancer. Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys are attorneys that take these cases on a contingency basis, which means that they are paid if the case is won. This is why you need to view here about the most most ideal team of experts to work out with.

Zantac was produced by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. This company is also the manufacturer of Aspirin, Motrin, Aspalathin, Celebrex, and other generic pain killers. It is widely known that these drugs were shown to have caused a number of different health problems, from heartburn to osteoporosis. In March of 2021, a class action suit was brought against the company, charging them with knowingly selling products that caused harm to their customers. A Zantac Lawsuit Attorney will seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, and other related items.

Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys is specifically focused on such lawsuits, as the above case is one of the few to reach a class action settlement. The complaint states that Zantac was aware that the active ingredient in their OTC heartburn medicine had potentially harmful side effects, yet they continued to sell it. These side effects included stomach ulcers, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, dry mouth, and other similar symptoms. A Zantac Lawsuit Attorney will help you seek damages for the injuries you have suffered as a result of using their products.

Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys can also help you with other types of personal injury claims as well. For example, they often work with individuals who have been injured by defective products, including Tylenol. If you were harmed by a similar product, you should consider speaking with an attorney. In addition to this, Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys can also help you recover damages in the case of patent infringement lawsuits, which involve products that are suspected of violating another’s patent rights. If you are the victim of such a lawsuit, Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys can help you receive compensation for the medical expenses you have incurred, and for the losses you have suffered. Thus to read more info, visit:

As you can see, Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys can be extremely helpful in a number of different situations. While the above case is one of many, Zantac is not an exception. They are solely focused upon over-the-counter Zantac medications, which are sold in stores all over the world. If you were harmed by a generic version of Zantac, or if you are experiencing side effects from taking that brand, you should speak with an experienced attorney.

Generic Zantac is similar to the prescription versions. However, it contains higher levels of ingredients and is often less effective. Those higher levels of ingredients may lead to adverse side effects, including fatigue, depression, and nausea. On top of that, if you are not filing a lawsuit, generic Zantac is probably not worth your time. It is worth it to speak to an attorney, though, if you believe you have experienced side effects from the high levels of methanol, lye, and antimony contained in generic Zantac. Find out more about class action here:

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