Zantac Lawsuit: A Class Action Lawsuit For Cancer

A Zantac Lawsuit is an official legal claim for monetary compensation from plaintiffs who was taking the pain reliever and was then diagnosed with stomach cancer. Zantac (as well as the generic version ranitidine) was discovered to have the carcinogen within the ingredients of its pills. This is a rather large case as it involves personal injury protection insurance and what happens if you are diagnosed with the potentially deadly condition. You might be asking, “How do they make a claim when there is no proof of damages?” This is where attorneys get involved! These lawyers will take on the case on their own behalf, and in many instances win judgments against the manufacturers of Zantac Lawsuit. For this reason, to read more info about the most ideal legal experts, view here now!

Zantac Lawsuit was brought by Keithzo W. Wiggers, who lost his battle to prove Zantac caused him cancer through taking its prescription drug. The jury eventually found in favor of the manufacturer, and awarded Mr. Wiggers, a large sum of money. Although the verdict was not against the company itself, but rather against Mr. Wiggers, it was proof of the company’s responsibility to warn the public about the potentially dangerous levels of its main ingredient, and to show responsibility in providing information about the risks associated with its use. It also demonstrated that Zantac failed to provide a safe daily dose, which could have prevented the accident that claimed Mr. Wiggers’ life.

The Zantac Lawsuit was developed after Mr. Wiggers was diagnosed with lung cancer. Because he was only 40 years old when he began taking the drug, his doctors had warned him that it was probably time to consider filing a lawsuit. His doctors had also told him that the pain relief provided from Zantac Lawsuit would only provide short term relief, as it had been determined that Zantac was not treating his cancer with its prescription drug but was treating him for the pain caused by his congestive heart failure, which required that he take more drugs. The Zantac manufacturer, on the other hand, said that it did not plan to change its formula. As long as the plaintiffs could prove that Zantac was exposing Mr. Wiggers to an unsafe level of its prescription drug, and that this was a cause of his death, they would be entitled to compensation for their loss. This is why you need to click for more info here.

It is important to understand, first of all, that these lawsuits are being brought on behalf of a number of different people. There are families who have lost loved ones to cancer who are seeking compensation for medical bills and other related expenses. Then there are the employees of Zantac who have been wrongfully terminated for causing work related injuries while on the clock at the company. There are even the contractors who were injured while working on Zantac properties who are being sued. Finally, there are the families of deceased individuals who died due to the effects of Zantac Lawsuit, as well as all of the individual plaintiffs in general. (In the case of families who lost loved ones to cancer, this lawsuit may also serve as a final memorial tribute.)

For individuals who feel that they deserve compensation for their losses and believe that they have been the victims of wrongful death or other injuries, Zantac Lawsuit may be the answer. If the FDA, or any other regulatory agency for that matter, were to close down the operations of Zantac due to safety issues, the pharmaceutical company would be financially devastated. It is quite possible that the company would go completely out of business. Therefore, class action lawsuits provide a way for individuals to pool their resources and bring about a victory for those who have fallen victim to defective products. Zantac may have been the manufacturer of an effective medication, but if it was found that its product was unsafe and caused harm to an individual through improper use, then Zantac may be liable for personal injury claims.

If you are interested in filing a lawsuit, then contact a Zantac Lawsuit attorney immediately. Zantac manufactures and produces drugs intended to treat many different types of diseases, illnesses, and conditions. Zantac’s popularity has resulted in a large number of lawsuits against the company. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case and guide you in the direction in which you should file your lawsuit. Get more details about settlement here:

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